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North Devon Association Football League - Management Committee Minutes

Season 1997/98

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September 1997

PRESENT:  W Smale (Chairman), A Alcock, A Beer, B Edwards, A Evans, A Johns, T Knight, D Loder, D Parish, P Shelton, M Stevens, P Woodhams.
APOLOGIES for absence from G Andrews, M Saunders, D Sheppard.
The Chairman welcomed Mr. P Woodhams to his first meeting of the Committee.
MINUTES.  As the minutes of the May meeting had been approved at the Rules Revision and Constitution meeting, there were no minutes or matters arising to consider.
NON-ATTENDANCE AT THE AGM.  Three clubs, Ebberley Arms, Lynton, and Pilton Academicals had failed to attend.  The Chairman's ruling that the new fine for this breach of rule, £25, should be imposed, was reversed by the Committee.
WITHDRAWAL OF CLUBS.  Ebberley Arms and Shebbear had withdrawn from the League.  As a result of this the Senior Division would run with 14 clubs, and Intermediate Division 2, now having 17 clubs, would be merged back into one division, for which a revised fixture list would be issued as soon as possible.
INTER FC.  A reply had been received from this club in response to the concern expressed by some members of the Committee about the standard of the club's changing facilities as they were now members of the Senior Division.  In the light of this reply, it was ruled that League Officers should make an inspection of the facilities on a match day.
LATE KICK-OFF.  Report received from referee Phillips of a late kick-off to the match between Morwenstow and Torrington on August 26 due to the late arrival of the visiting team.  Ruled that as there is no 'official' kick-off time for mid-week evening matches, no action should be taken.
SEPTEMBER 6TH.  Letters had been received from both the Football Association, and the Devon County FA regarding matches scheduled for this day.  The League Chairman had taken the decision on the previous Monday that the entire North Devon League programme for September 6th would be postponed.
LANDKEY v HARTLAND, (Intermediate Division 1, August 30).  A letter had been received from Hartland, confirmed verbally by the referee, that both teams and the referee had arrived for this match, to find that the pitch had not been marked, and that neither nets nor flagposts were in place.  The referee's decision had therefore been that the match could not be played.  No written communication had been received from the Landkey club.  Ruled that the Landkey club should be fined £20 for failure to attend to League business (both regarding the state of the pitch and failure to communicate), and should be responsible for paying the referee's and the Hartland team's travelling expenses.  The match to be rearranged.
TORRINGTON.  This club had failed to fulfil its Intermediate Division One match at Hartland on August 23, and shortly afterwards had withdrawn its team from the Division. It had then asked to be reinstated, and as this was granted, the appropriate rule had been applied for failure to raise a team for the Hartland match.  £25 fine imposed on Torrington (which had already been paid), match awarded to Hartland, and Torrington deducted three points.
REGISTRATIONS.  By the time of the meeting, slightly in excess of 1400 players had been registered.
FINES.  A large number of clubs had failed to include an s.a.e. with their registration forms.  This had been regarded as failure to attend to League business, and a £5 fine imposed, but the registrations had been completed.  The clubs concerned were Holsworthy (twice), Lynton, Woolsery, Westward Ho! Athletic, North Molton, Bridgerule, Inter FC, Bude, (all paid);  Chittlehampton, Buckland Brewer, Georgeham, Putford.
£40 passed to the Treasurer in transfer fees.
TREASURER'S REPORT.  Income £5038-27, payments £1292-90; (however payments still had to be made to the ASA and the Handbook printers.)  Balances at Lloyds Bank £4625-72; Benevolent Fund £2063-34; Portman ordinary a/c £4212-96; Portman Fixed Interest a/c £8002.75.  Total £18904-77.
The Audited Annual Accounts, which had not been available at the AGM due to the Hon Auditor's other commitments, had been circulated in July, and were adopted by the meeting with thanks to the Treasurer.
PREMIER DIVISION FACILITIES.  As a first step towards rigorous application of the facilities required of Premier Division clubs, all clubs in that Division would be asked to send, by the time of the next meeting, photocopies of the first-aid certification of three of their club members.
PIVOT TROPHY.  Contact would be made with the Kingsley League regarding this season's match.  This League would be represented in the match by last season's Intermediate Division One champion club, Barnstaple Riverside.
DEATHS.  The President reported to the meeting the deaths, during the summer, of two former prominent members of the local football community, the journalist Mr. P Day, and Mr. P Bailey, a former secretary of the Appledore club.
SHORTAGE OF REFEREES.  Mr M Stevens reported an acute shortage of referees.  An appeal is made to all qualified referees who are still currently playing, to referee a match, rather than playing in one, once a month.
MR. W SMALLRIDGE.  It was reported to the meeting that Mr. Smallridge would shortly complete 50 years continuous service as Chairman of the Combe Martin club.  The Secretary to write on behalf of the League congratulating him on this remarkable achievement.


October 1997

PRESENT:  W Smale (Chairman), A Alcock, G Andrews, B Edwards, T Knight, D Loder, D Parish, M Saunders, P Shelton, D Sheppard, M Stevens, P Woodhams.
MINUTES of meeting held on September 5th were approved.
FINES.  All fines detailed in the September minutes had been paid.
PREMIER DIVISION FACILITIES.  Most clubs had complied with the request for first-aid certification.  A few had given reasons why submission of appropriate certificates had been delayed.  The matter to be considered again at the November meeting, at which time any club which had not provided satisfactory information would be instructed not to play any further home matches until the situation had been rectified.
PIVOT TROPHY.  A reply had been received from the Kingsley League.  The Torrington club to be approached for use of their ground and facilities for the match.
TORRINGTON.  Letter received from this club regarding the failure of a referee to turn up for an appointment.  Mr M Stevens stated it had been his fault as he had not given the referee appropriate notice of the appointment.
UNREGISTERED PLAYERS.  Consideration was given to the appropriate penalty to be imposed in cases of unregistered players being fielded, as this had arisen a number of times in the previous month, including twice for four clubs.  Two letters from one of these clubs were read to the meeting.  The Committee resolved:
(i) On all occasions that an unregistered player is fielded, no matter what the circumstances of the player being unregistered, the appropriate rule, 8(h), should be applied.
(ii)  If a club fields the same unregistered player more than once, the fact that notification of the first offence has not reached the club before a subsequent offence occurs does not in any way excuse the subsequent offence from penalty.
FINES.  £5 for no s.a.e. with a registration form: Appledore.  £5 for no letter in support of a low marking: Bratton Fleming.  £5 for signing for two clubs: players T Tollervey, D Vickery, J Cadle.  £10 for fielding an unregistered player: Appledore.  £10 for an incorrect team sheet: Fremington.  All paid.
£20 for fielding an unregistered player in two matches: Georgeham, Braunton FP, Landkey, Rolle Quay.  £5 for failure to mark referee: Northam Lions.  £5 for no s.a.e. with registration and £5 for late team sheet: Torrington.
TRANSFERS.  £60 handed to Treasurer in transfer fees.
TREASURER'S REPORT, for September, 1997.  Income £214-00, payments £1023-41.  Balances at Lloyds Bank £3816-31;  Benevolent Fund £2063-34;  Portman ordinary a/c £4212-96;  Portman Fixed Interest a/c £8002-75.  Total £18095-36.
DEVON COUNTY F A, NORTH AREA VACANCY.  Following a report by Mr G Andrews, concern was expressed that the current Council vacancy in the North Area appeared to be going to be left unfilled as a call for nominations in August had not been successful. Resolved that the League should write to the County FA urging that another attempt should be made to fill the vacancy.

UNSETTLED DEBTS.  Reported that one member club owed money to a trader in Barnstaple for matters related to League business.  Resolved that as this reflected badly on the League, the club concerned to be informed that the Management Committee expected the debt to be cleared as soon as possible.


November 1997

PRESENT:  W Smale (Chairman), A Beer (President), A Alcock, G Andrews, B Edwards, A Evans, T Knight, D Loder, D Parish, M Saunders, P Shelton, D Sheppard, M Stevens.
APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE from A Johns, P Woodhams.
MINUTES of meeting held on October 3rd were approved.
FINES.  All fines detailed in the October minutes had been paid.
PREMIER DIVISION FACILITIES. Apart from a few loose ends which needed tidying up the Secretary was happy that all Premier Division clubs were meeting the first-aid requirements of that Division as regards attendance of qualified personnel and the availability of a stretcher at home matches.
PIVOT TROPHY.  Arranged for Tuesday November 18th at Torrington, to whom thanks were due for making their ground and facilities available for the match.  This League to be represented by Barnstaple Riverside, its current Intermediate champion club.
DEVON COUNTY F.A. NORTH AREA VACANCY.  Reported that due to a death, there now also existed a vacancy in the East Area, and the County proposed to deal with filling the two vacancies at the same time.
UNSETTLED DEBTS.  These had now been settled.
FINES.  £10 for fielding an unregistered player: Georgeham (twice), Braunton FP (twice), Rolle Quay (twice), Landkey (twice), Chittlehampton (twice), Torrington.  £5 for sending no s.a.e. with a registration form: Bideford, Holsworthy, Chittlehampton, Ilfracombe Town.  £5 for no letter in support of a low marking: Bude, Kilkhampton.  £5 for failure to sign team sheet: South Molton.  £5 for signing for two clubs: player J Charley.  All paid.
£5 for failure to mark referee: Bradworthy.  £5 for failure to mark referee & sign team sheet:  Barnstaple AAC.
TRANSFERS.  £95 handed to Treasurer in transfer fees;  plus £10 for two cancelled registrations.
FINES.  £10 in fines imposed on Braunton FP for a late result card and failure to notify a postponement.  Paid.
TREASURER'S REPORT, for October, 1997.  Income £170-00, payments £3024-72.  Balances at Lloyds Bank £961-59;  Benevolent Fund £2063-34;  Portman ordinary a/c £4212-96;  Portman Fixed Interest a/c £8002-75.  Total £15240-64.
MR. H W BARTLETT.  Discussion took place on the most appropriate way to perpetuate Mr. Bartlett's memory in the form of a trophy bearing his name, to be presented annually.  A number of suggestions were considered;  the Committee to reach a decision at its next meeting, when it is also hoped that some possible trophies will be available for inspection.
ABANDONED MATCH.  Correspondence received relating to a match which had been abandoned by the referee.  Consideration of this matter to be left until any possible disciplinary implications had been resolved.
NORTH DEVON DISTRICT COUNCIL.  An approach had been made from two sources for the League to give its support to an attempt by the Council to obtain Lottery funding towards the provision of new sports facilities (including football pitches and changing) at Seven Brethren's Bank, Barnstaple.  A letter from this League in support had been sent.  In discussion with a Council representative it had been stressed that there was need for one of the pitches to be constructed to Premier Division standard, and this appears to be in the Council's plans.
FIRST-AID FACILITIES.  Following the recent exercise of ensuring that Premier Division clubs meet the requirements of the League rules in this regard, the Committee is to give consideration to a proposal that a home club should have qualified first-aid personnel in attendance at all matches in all Divisions.  Initial proposals to follow.
PRINTING.  The Secretary authorised to investigate arrangements for printing the League's various items of stationery for next season, particularly as both new team sheets and new registration forms will be required.
1998 A.G.M.  A date for this meeting needed to be fixed in the near future in order to place a booking on the Barnstaple Guildhall.  The views of clubs to be sought (before any necessary permission is obtained from a higher authority) regarding holding the meeting on Wednesday July 1st (one day later than that permitted by League rules) in view of the Secretary's likely work commitments.


December 1997

PRESENT: W Smale (Chairman), A Beer (President), A Alcock, G Andrews, A Johns, T Knight, M Saunders, P Shelton.
APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE from D Loder, D Sheppard, M Stevens, P Woodhams.
MINUTES of meeting held on November 14th were approved.
FINES. All fines detailed in the November minutes had been paid.
PREMIER DIVISION FACILITIES.  Reported that all clubs in the Division could now be regarded as having met the first-aid requirements for this season.
PIVOT TROPHY.  The bad weather had caused the postponement of this match on November 18th.  The Torrington club had indicated their willingness to host the match later in the season.  Agreed that the Kingsley League and the Torrington club should be approached with a view to arranging the match for an evening in March.
DEVON COUNTY F.A. NORTH AREA VACANCY.  There had again been no nominations by the closing date.  Mr W Smale had indicated that were this to occur, he would withdraw his resignation in order that the North Area should not be under-represented, and this he would now do.
MR. H W BARTLETT.  Agreed that a genuine silver cup would be the most appropriate way of perpetuating Mr. Bartlett's memory within the League.  Clubs (and any individuals who wished to do so) to be invited to make donations, to be complemented from League funds, in order that a trophy of appropriate quality could be purchased.
ABANDONED MATCH.  This was still under consideration by the County FA.
FIRST-AID FACILITIES.  What response there had been was totally in favour of extending the requirement of qualified first-aid personnel being in attendance at matches to all Divisions, and that this should be brought in as soon as possible.  The Secretary to draft a rule to this effect which, if passed at the next AGM would be operative from the start of next season.
1998 A.G.M.  The County FA had refused permission for the AGM to be held on July 1st.  Agreed that it should be held on Thursday June 25th, 1998.
DOLTON V BRADWORTHY. (Senior Division). A match between these clubs on November 15th had been held up due to a serious injury, and then abandoned after 75 minutes due to the failing light.  Request from both clubs that the score at that time should count as the final result was approved.
TORRINGTON.  Letter received requesting information on reason for no referee being appointed to a match against Landkey.  Reply from Mr. Stevens had been forwarded to the club indicating it had been an oversight on his part, not having made a re-appointment when the original referee indicated his unavailability.
LYNTON.  Letter received from a representative of a club which had recently played at Lynton, complaining about the facilities in the visiting team's changing room.  The views of the Lynton club to be obtained.
INABILITY TO RAISE A TEAM.  Requests for sympathetic consideration had been received from two clubs which had recently been unable to raise teams. The Committee endorsed the Secretary's action in informing the clubs that no provision for this existed in the rules, but pointing out that there did exist the possibility of asking opponents to agree to a postponement if team-raising problems were foreseen.
FINES.  £20 for fielding an unregistered player in two matches: Torrington.  £5 for no letter in support of a low marking: Combe Martin, Northam Lions.  £5 for no s.a.e. with a registration form: Bratton Fleming, Chittlehampton.  £10 for invalid team sheet:  Westward Ho! Athletic.  All paid.
£25 for inability to raise a team: Torrington Admirals, Braunton FP.  £5 for no letter in support of a low marking: Bideford.  £5 for no s.a.e. with a registration form: Barnstaple Riverside, Northam Lions.
TRANSFERS.  £75 taken in transfer fees since the November meeting.
Held in abeyance pending the hoped-for appointment of an Acting Treasurer until the 1998 AGM.
LETTERS IN SUPPORT OF A LOW MARKING.  Clubs are asked to ensure that when submitting such letters, the name of the referee concerned should be included in the letter.


January 1998

PRESENT: W Smale (Chairman), A Alcock, G Andrews, A Evans, A Johns, T Knight, P Shelton, D Sheppard, M Stevens.
MINUTES of meeting held on December 12th were approved.
FINES.  All fines detailed in the December minutes had been paid.
PIVOT TROPHY.  A provisional date of Thursday March 12th, KO 7.45pm, had been agreed with the Torrington club.  This to be confirmed once a reply had been received from the Kingsley League.
DEVON COUNTY FA, NORTH AREA.  Mr. W Smale had written to the County withdrawing his resignation, and was once again a Council member for the North Area.
MR. H W BARTLETT.  The Chairman had visited jewellers in Barnstaple and had seen an appropriate pure silver cup priced at £1000.  The Chairman authorised to proceed with the purchase of this cup, which would be inscribed 'The Harold Bartlett Memorial Trophy'.  To fund this purchase and inscription, £1000 would be transferred from the League's ordinary account with the Portman Building Society to the current account at Lloyds Bank.  [Please note there is still time for clubs and individuals to make donations towards this memorial to Harold Bartlett.]
ABANDONED MATCH.  The match concerned was Braunton v Barnstaple AAC in Intermediate Division One on November 8th, 1997.  The County FA had informed the League that the matter had now been fully dealt with by the Association, and that the League could therefore now deal with it as regards the result.  Given the County's findings, the match was awarded to Braunton under the terms of rule 10(k).
1998 A.G.M.  It was not absolutely certain that Barnstaple Guildhall would be available on the evening of Thursday June 25th, and if this proved to be the case, the Secretary was authorised to arrange an alternative venue.
LYNTON.  Reply from Lynton indicated that they were aware of problems in both changing rooms and this was being attended to.  The club to be instructed to notify the League immediately the problems had been rectified.
LOCAL DISTRICT COUNCILS.  Details of coaching courses being provided locally had been received from North Devon and Torridge District Councils, and a request from the North Devon Council for help in updating their database of local sports clubs.  Relevant details had been circulated to all clubs.
REFEREE M ALLEN.  A letter from this referee complained about the language and apparent lack of knowledge of the laws of the game exhibited by the players of one team in a match he had refereed.  The response of the club concerned to this complaint was also read.  The Committee ruled that as the points raised appeared to be related to disciplinary matters in the match, all correspondence should be forwarded to the County Secretary.
FINES.  £10 for incorrectly completed team sheet meaning 'otherwise ineligible' player had been fielded: Bridgerule.  £5 for no letter in support of a low marking: Appledore.  Both paid.
£5 for no s.a.e. with a registration form: Admiral Vernon.
TRANSFERS.  £100 taken in transfer fees since the December meeting (including £5 for one cancelled registration).
FINES.  £25 for failure to raise a team: Bude Town, Northam Lions.  Both paid.
£25 for failure to raise a team: Admiral Vernon.
TREASURER'S REPORT.  All monies received had been paid in to the League's current account, and cheques issued against debts.  [See below for possible appointment of an Acting Treasurer.]
BOUQUETS.  Just before Christmas the Chairman had sent bouquets of flowers with an appropriate message, on behalf of the League, to Mrs. Bartlett and Mrs. Edwards.  This action was approved, and a letter from Mrs. Bartlett read to the meeting.
LEAGUE TREASURER.  As nobody had immediately come forward for consideration to take on the role of Treasurer, a member of the Committee was authorised to approach the League's former Treasurer, Mr N Beaumont, to ask if he would take on the role in an Acting capacity for the few months until the 1998 AGM.


February 1998

PRESENT: W Smale (Chairman), A Alcock, G Andrews, A Beer, A Evans, A Johns, T Knight, D Loder, D Parish, P Shelton, D Sheppard, M Stevens, P Woodhams.
MINUTES of meeting held on January 9th were approved.
FINES.  All fines detailed in the January minutes had been paid.
PIVOT TROPHY.  This had now been definitely arranged for Thursday March 12th, KO 7.45pm at Vicarage Field, Torrington.  The Chairman appealed for volunteers willing to man the gate to contact him.
MR. H W BARTLETT.  A further visit by the Chairman to the jewellers had confirmed that the League's logo could be engraved on the trophy which it was proposed to purchase.  The purchase of the engraved trophy for a total of £1010-00 was approved.  Donations totalling £175-00 had so far been received from Mr A Beer, Mr G Andrews, and the Georgeham, Appledore, Dolton, Braunton, Clovelly and Ilfracombe Town clubs.
1998 A.G.M.  It would not be possible to ascertain the availability of Barnstaple Guildhall on the proposed date until much nearer the time, and the alternative venue suggested by the Town Clerk's office was not considered suitable for a meeting of the size of the A.G.M.  The Secretary would pursue the booking of another venue.
LYNTON. Letter from the club stated that one shower in the away dressing room had been fixed, but the other was beyond repair.  It was proposed to install a new shower system at the end of the season.
LEAGUE TREASURER.  Mr N Beaumont had agreed to take on the post in an Acting capacity for the few months until the 1998 A.G.M. (for which we are very grateful), at which time it was hoped to fill the post permanently.
BARNSTAPLE AAC.  Letter received from referee Mr. R Adams reported what he considered to be the unsafe nature of the goalposts at this club's ground.  The views of the club had been sought, and a letter received reporting that the goalposts had been fully repaired.
MR. B EDWARDS.  The donations given in lieu of flowers at Mr. Edwards' funeral had been divided equally between this League and another organisation.  The Chairman had received a cheque for £152-00 from the funeral directors.  This had been placed in the Benevolent Fund, and a letter written to Mrs. Edwards informing her of this and expressing the League's thanks.
OTHER CORRESPONDENCE.  The Secretary's action in dealing with three other items of correspondence received was approved:
(i) TORRINGTON.  Letter regarding non-appearance of a referee.
(ii) SHAMWICKSHIRE.  Letter regarding the recording of suspensions.
(iii) REFEREE MR. R FRANCIS.  Letter commending the Bridgerule club as regards the emergency preparation of a pitch.
FINES.  £5 for no s.a.e. with a registration form: North Molton.  £5 for failure to mark a referee: South Molton.  Both paid.
£5 for failure to mark a referee: Torrington Admirals.  £10 for fielding an unregistered player: Kilkhampton.
TRANSFERS.  £115 taken in transfer fees since the January meeting (including £10 for two cancelled registrations.)
FINES. £5 late result cards: Barnstaple Riverside (twice).  Paid.
TREASURER'S REPORT.  The Chairman reported the following balances in the League's accounts:  Portman Fixed Bond £8002.75;  Benevolent Fund   £2063.34;  Portman Ordinary a/c £4212.96;  Lloyds Bank £986.36.  Total £15265.41.
(These figures do not include the two amounts of £175 and £152 mentioned above.)
MEETINGS.  Dates for the League Constitution meeting in June, and for next season's meetings of the Management Committee were agreed, and these will be circulated to members of the Committee.
FIRST-AID REQUIREMENTS.  It was decided to proceed with the proposal to put a rule revision to this year's AGM which would require the home club in all matches to have at least one qualified person in attendance.  It was reported that an item on first aid courses was on the agenda of a meeting of the County FA's Coaching Committee to be held the following week.
RETENTION OF REGISTRATIONS.  A discussion on both this, and the initial registration of players, was held.  Mr A Alcock agreed to report to the next meeting on his experience of this in other competitions.


March 1998

PRESENT: W Smale (Chairman), A Alcock, G Andrews, N Beaumont, A Evans, A Johns, T Knight, D Loder, D Parish, M Saunders, P Shelton, D Sheppard, M Stevens, P Woodhams.
APOLOGY for absence: A Beer.
The Chairman welcomed Mr. Beaumont to the meeting, and thanked him both for attending, and for agreeing to take on the role of Acting Treasurer until the 1998 AGM.
MINUTES of meeting held on February 6th were approved.
FINES.  All fines detailed in the January minutes had been paid.
MR. H W BARTLETT.  Further donations had been received from Mr. & Mrs. A Johns, and the Combe Martin club.
1998 A.G.M.  This will be held at the Robins Nest, Bideford Sports Ground, on Thursday June 25th, 7.30pm.
MR. B EDWARDS.  A further amount had been received, via the undertaker, from the Torridge Cup.
FIRST-AID REQUIREMENTS.  The rules revision meeting would be drafting a rule requiring the presence of a first-aid-qualified person at all matches.
RETENTION OF REGISTRATIONS.  Mr Alcock had brought a document to the meeting which would be circulated to all members of the Committee for discussion at the next meeting.
PORTMAN BUILDING SOCIETY.  Notification had been received that the League's Bond had matured.  Resolved that the funds should be reinvested in a 7.5% Fixed Interest Bond.
KILKHAMPTON.  This club reported that its dug-outs and stand had been destroyed in the storms early in January.  The rebuilding was taking place as quickly as possible, but the club were tied to a time schedule imposed by the local council.  An assurance had been given that the new facilities would be ready for the start of next season, and on the basis of this the club would be allowed to complete this season without all the required Premier Division facilities.
TORRINGTON.  A referee had reported the late arrival of this club's team for a match at Georgeham.  The explanation that the players had been held up by a traffic accident was accepted.
NON-APPEARANCE OF REFEREES.  Two reports of the non-appearance of the referee at a match had been forwarded to Mr. Stevens.
LOSS OF MONEY.  The Torrington club had reported that some money belonging to a number of their players had been lost during the match played at Putford on February 7th.  A letter had been received from the Putford club stating what action had been taken both on the day and since, and what it was intended to do on match days in the future, and also a further one from Torrington in reply to this.  All correspondence was read to the meeting.  It was considered that relevant action had been taken following the incident, but all clubs are reminded as to the security of their changing accommodation during the time in which a match is in progress.
ENTRIES FOR NEXT SEASON.  There had been two provisional enquiries regarding entry to this League next season;  one from a new club wishing to call itself Taw Vale Wanderers; and one from Dayspace United, a club formerly in the Sunday League which now wished to re-form and enter this League.  Initial information had been provided to both.
FINES.  £5 for failure to mark a referee: Braunton.  £5 for no s.a.e. with a registration form: Bude.  Both paid.
A doubled fine of £10 imposed last season on player J Cook for signing for two clubs had been paid and the suspension on that player lifted.
£5 for no s.a.e. with a registration form:  Admiral Vernon, Georgeham.
TRANSFERS.  Transfers had now closed for this season.  A total of 86 transfers included 10 relating to five players who had each been transferred twice.
FINES.  £5 for failure to phone in cup results:  Braunton, Shamwickshire.  Both paid.
TREASURER'S REPORT.  The Acting Treasurer reported the following balances:  Portman Fixed Interest Bond £8406.09;  Benevolent Fund:  £2063.34;  Portman Ordinary a/c:  £4212.96;  Lloyds Bank:  £1211.14.  Total  £15893.53.
REPORTS.  Mr. Andrews reported matters of interest from the recent meetings of the Devon League, and of the North Devon Area Committee.  Of particular concern to the latter were the number of low markings being awarded to referees, and the belief that clubs were not following the marking procedure laid down in League rules.  Clubs had been notified and reminded of this in a recent circular.
REFEREES' MARKINGS.  The mark details for the twelve months, March 1 1997 to February 28 1998 had been sent to Mr. Stevens.
RETURN OF TROPHIES.  The Shamwickshire club was expecting imminent delivery of a new strip, and had requested being permitted to keep the three trophies in their possession for a few extra days to allow photographs of the trophies with their teams wearing this strip to be taken.  The Secretary's action in approving this permission, subject to the trophies being returned direct to the Chairman immediately afterwards, was endorsed.  All other trophies had been returned on time, but the Westward Ho! Athletic club had failed to engrave the Intermediate Division Two trophy as required by rule 19.  Resolved that the rule should be applied against this club;  a fine of £50 was imposed, and the club would be billed for the cost of engraving.
FA CUP FINAL TICKETS.  On the assumption that the League would receive an allocation of tickets, the Secretary was authorised to continue, as far as was possible, the method of allocation which had been used by his predecessor.
ADMIRAL VERNON.  The Secretary had been uncertain, as had the opposing club, of the circumstances in which this club had postponed a match.  Investigation suggested that the postponement had been appropriate, but the Secretary expressed concern about the administration of, and communication with, this club;  which would be monitored.  This action was approved.
INSURANCE CLAIMS.  A Divisional Representative reported that when his club had submitted an Injury Report Form to a referee for his signature, the referee had replied that he regretted he was unable to do so.  The Referees Association Representative confirmed that a communication had been received from the Football Association stating that referees "should not sign" such forms.  The member who raised the matter would report any further developments to the next meeting, and (as this matter related to a company other than the ASA) the Secretary would enquire about the ASA's position in such circumstances.
PRESS OFFICER.  The Chairman reminded the meeting that the present Press Officer had indicated an intention to give up the post at the end of this season.  Resolved that an initial attempt would be made to fill the post via the League's own communications and the local press.


April 1998

PRESENT:  W Smale (Chairman), A Alcock, G Andrews, A Beer, A Johns, T Knight, P Shelton, D Sheppard, M Stevens.
APOLOGIES for absence: N Beaumont, D Loder, M Saunders.
MINUTES of meeting held on March 6th were approved.
FINES.  All fines detailed in the March minutes had been paid.
MR. H W BARTLETT.  The Chairman had brought to the meeting the trophy purchased in memory of Mr. Bartlett.
FIRST-AID REQUIREMENTS.  A letter received from the County FA appeared to advise against any form of compulsion as regards first-aid cover at matches (including that currently required in the Premier Division), advocating instead that it should be 'highly recommended'.  The Secretary was instructed to obtain a second opinion on the contents of this letter.
RETENTION OF REGISTRATIONS.  Referred for future consideration.
ENTRIES FOR NEXT SEASON.  Written enquiries had now been received from Taw Vale Wanderers and a team to be based at Sherry's Tavern, Barnstaple.  Telephone enquiries had been received from Lovacott and Shebbear, and a written request for information from Bell Athletic.  Those clubs actually submitting an entry to be invited to attend the AGM as observers (without a vote).
FA CUP FINAL TICKETS.  The option to purchase tickets from this League's allocation had been offered, as a result of applying the customary procedure, to Clovelly, Shamwickshire Rovers, and Bratton Fleming.  All three clubs had taken up their option.
ADMIRAL VERNON.  This club now had a new secretary whose details had already been circulated.
INSURANCE CLAIMS.  A reply received from the ASA was read to the meeting, and a copy had been sent to the club which had experienced difficulty with a claim on its own insurance.
PRESS OFFICER.  As nobody had yet expressed an interest in this post for next season, attempts would be made to fill it via the press.
CORNWALL COUNTY FA.  An invitation had been received from the Cornwall FA for two representatives of this League to attend a Luncheon in Falmouth to be held prior to the playing of its two Cup Finals on Easter Monday.  This invitation resulted from a member club of this League, Morwenstow, having reached the final of the Cornwall Junior Cup.  The League would be represented by its President, Mr A Beer, and Mrs. Beer.
NORTH DEVON REFEREES ASSOCIATION.  A letter received from the Association requested a review of referees' expenses/match fees for season 1998-99.  The Committee's recommendation to the A.G.M. would be that there should be no increase in the mileage allowance, but that match fees for the different Divisions and their respective Cups should be increased to Intermediate £7, Senior £8, and Premier £9.
LANDKEY.  Four clubs had reported difficulty in making contact with this club by telephone.  Enquiries by the Secretary had resulted in a further contact number being provided by the Landkey club, which had already been circulated.  (Mr. S Sime, 01271-831019).
TORRINGTON ADMIRALS.  This club reported the theft of money belonging to a visiting team from its changing rooms at Donnacroft during the course of a match, and had sent a copy of a letter sent to its Playing Fields Committee suggesting improvements which could be made to prevent a repetition of this in the future.
BIDEFORD. A referee had reported an error on the team sheet of this club in relation to one of its matches, (which was in fact repeated in its next match.)  The Committee endorsed the Secretary's action in applying the appropriate League rule in respect of both errors.
FREMINGTON.  The matter of absence of dugouts at Premier Division matches had been raised with this club.  The Club's reply stated that the local Council had not given permission for concrete dug-outs to be erected, and that the wooden ones originally provided had been vandalised and removed.  The Council had now given permission for the erection of concrete-block dug-outs by the start of next season.  This explanation was accepted and would be monitored.
REFEREES.  A long letter had been received from a club relating to the marking/performance of referees.  Resolved that a copy of this letter should be sent to Mr. J Fry.
DEVON COUNTY LEAGUE.  A letter from the Secretary of the Devon League reported the current position regarding membership of that League for next season.
PREMIER DIVISION.  Requests had been received from Dolton and Lynton for inspection of their facilities as regards suitability for the Premier Division should they qualify for promotion.
NORTH MOLTON and MORTEHOE.  Correspondence received from both clubs regarding the fact that a match between them scheduled for March 14th had not taken place due to the minibus carrying the Mortehoe team to North Molton having broken down en route.  Resolved that the match should be rearranged, with the cost of the referee's expenses to be borne by the League.
NORTH DEVON LIBRARY.  Details of revised charges to be operative from 1st April had been received.  As bookings for next season had already been made, these would be kept, but the situation for season 1999-2000 would be reviewed at an appropriate time.
REGISTRATIONS.  Registrations for this season had now closed.  A total of 1890 players had been registered.
FINES.  £10 for fielding an ineligible player: Bideford (twice). Paid.

FINES.  £5 for late result card: Rolle Quay, Pilton.  £5 for failure to phone in cup result: Boca Seniors.  £25 for failure to raise a team: Torrington.  £5 for postponing a Premier match while playing an Intermediate match: Torrington.  All paid.
£25 for failure to raise a team: Fremington, Lynton.  £5 for failure to phone in a cup result: Shamwickshire.
LEAGUE CUP FINALS.  Arrangements had been made, and would be circulated, for all finals except that of the Brayford Cup, for which one semi-final had still to be played.  The League's sponsor would be notified of the details.
TREASURER'S REPORT.  The written report submitted by the Acting Treasurer stated:  Income £814-50, (including payment from three clubs for FA Cup Final tickets).  Payments £1403-57, (including payment to the County FA for FA Cup Final tickets, and purchase of the H W Bartlett Memorial Trophy).  Balances:  Portman 1-year Bond: £8406-09;  Portman Fixed Interest Account:  £3880-12;  Lloyds Current Account:  £344-57.  Total £12830-79.  Benevolent Fund balance:  £2378-57.
PIVOT TROPHY.  The Chairman reported that £80 had been raised at the match, which would be donated to local cancer charities.  The Barnstaple Riverside players who had represented the League had donated their match fees, a gesture which was greatly appreciated and for which the club would be thanked.


May 1998

PRESENT:  W Smale (Chairman), A Alcock, A Beer, A Johns, T Knight, D Parish, P Shelton, P Woodhams.
APOLOGIES for absence: G Andrews, N Beaumont, D Loder, M Saunders, D Sheppard, M Stevens.
MINUTES of meeting held on April 3rd were approved.
FINES.  All fines detailed in the April minutes had been paid.
FIRST-AID REQUIREMENTS.  A further letter from the County's FA Representative appeared to recommend that there should be no attempt to introduce compulsion in the lower divisions, and that first-aid cover should only be 'highly recommended'.  The Rules Revision meeting would consider whether a change was therefore required in the rule relating to the Premier Division.
PRESS OFFICER.  An appropriate announcement had been made in the press, but as yet nobody had expressed an interest in the post.
CORNWALL COUNTY FA.  Bad weather had prevented the President from attending the final, of which the Cornwall County FA had been informed.  Congratulations were offered to the Morwenstow club on winning the Cornwall Junior Cup.
LANDKEY.  Further difficulties with this club, both in communication and other matters, had been experienced by the Secretary and other clubs.  The Secretary to monitor the situation and to report whether a meeting between the club's officers and League officers should be held before any entry was accepted from this club for next season.
TORRINGTON ADMIRALS.  The club reported that a strong box would now be available for each club.
REFEREES.  Following letters from clubs and the forwarding of the letter which had been sent to the League, the Area Referees Committee had held an inquiry into allegations on the conduct of one referee, and a copy of the findings had been provided to the League by the inquiry chairman.
PREMIER DIVISION.  Following reports, it was resolved that the facilities of the Dolton club were up to the required standard for the Premier Division, but those of the Lynton club were not.  The Boca Seniors club had been advised of what would be required of them to meet the Premier standards, and that they would need to provide their proposals to meet these standards before the League Constitution meeting on June 2nd, subject to their League position entitling them to be considered for promotion.
LEAGUE CUP FINALS.  The Chairman reported that at the three finals which had so far been held gate receipts were slightly in excess of £400.
EXTENSION TO SEASON.  Letter received from County Chairman authorising an extension of the season until Sunday May 17th.
INVESTMENT.  Letter and enclosure received from a club secretary advising of an alternative investment to the League's Bond and Fixed Interest Account.  Resolved that the League's investments should remain as at present.
BOCA SENIORS.  Letter received from a referee reporting the late notification of a game by this club.  The club claimed numerous attempts had been made to contact the referee;  the referee's reply being that at all times in the days before the match either there had been someone at home to answer to phone or that his answering machine had been in operation.  Rule to apply, £5 fine imposed.
BRAUNTON.  (Mr. Alcock withdrew from the meeting during this item.)  Letter received regarding the kick-off time of their Brayford Cup semi-final against Ilfracombe Town, claming that the Ilfracombe club had not followed League rules in determining the KO time.  A letter from the Ilfracombe club claimed that their action was in accordance with League rules, and that the Braunton club had not complained either when the match was first confirmed or at the time of the match.  The Committee agreed that there is a definite ambiguity in the relevant rule, and that two different interpretations are possible;  this to be addressed at the Rules Revision meeting.  As the Ilfracombe club's action had been in accordance with one possible interpretation of the rule, it had in no way acted improperly.
PREMIER DIVISION, BARNSTAPLE AAC V FREMINGTON.  The appointed referee was late arriving at this fixture, and the first half was refereed by another qualified referee who was at the ground.  The appointed referee officiated for the second half, and the home club had paid the full fee and expenses to him.  A number of items of correspondence relating to events which occurred at the match had been forwarded to the Area, and the matter was now in the hands of that body.  The Committee resolved, however, that the League should meet any claim for appropriate expenses and fee which the official who refereed the first half submitted.
INTERMEDIATE DIVISION TWO, LANDKEY  v  BARNSTAPLE RIVERSIDE.  This match had been scheduled for the evening of Tuesday April 7, but an hour before the kick-off time the appointed referee ruled the pitch unfit for play.  Letters received from both clubs stated that the teams had nevertheless decided to play the match with an 'agreed' referee.  Ruled that the match which was played had no official standing and its result should be deleted from League records, and that the fixture would need to be rearranged.
FINES.  £5 for no letter in support of a low marking:  Lynton, Braunton.  £5 for a late result card:  Landkey.  £5 for a late team sheet: Barnstaple Riverside.  £50 for failure to raise a team: Lynton. All paid.
£5 for no letter in support of a low marking: Admiral Vernon.  £5 for a late result card: Westward Ho! Athletic.  £5 for no notification to opposing club:  Landkey.  £5 for late notification to referee (as above): Boca Seniors.  £50 for failure to raise a team:  Kilkhampton.
TREASURER'S REPORT.  In abeyance pending the next report from the Acting Treasurer.
HONORARIA..  A subcommittee consisting of Mr. A Beer (the League President), Mr A Alcock, and Mr A Johns, reported the recommendations which it would be making to the AGM regarding the honorarium to be paid to each of the League officers.  These would be Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary and Registration Secretary £100 each, and Secretary £250.  In addition the establishment of a £100 expense account for the Chairman (to cover expenses while on League business) would be recommended.
LEAGUE BUSINESS.  The Committee empowered the Secretary to deal with all matters of League business which occurred before the next meeting of the Committee on June 2nd.  All decisions taken would be reported to that meeting, and if, during the Chairman's absence on holiday, the Secretary felt a second opinion on any matter was required, he would consult the President or the Vice-Chairman.


AGM 1998

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