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North Devon Association Football League - History
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North Devon Journal - 18th February 1904

This is a copy of the original advert from the North Devon Journal dated 18th February 1904, the respondents formed the North Devon League. Eight clubs formed the first North Devon League: Pilton Yeo Vale, Ilfracombe, Pilton Social, Braunton, South Molton, Swimbridge, Bideford, Barnstaple YMCA. It appears that Swimbridge did not start the season.

Original newspaper advert


President - Mr Fred Day, Chairman - Mr M Ffoulkes, Hon. Secretary - Mr F G Pyne

North Devon Journal - 25th August 1904
First Ever League Meeting 19th August 1904

The first meeting of the newly formed Association League was held at the Barnstaple YMCA Rooms on Friday evening, and was well atended. At the Committee meeting, presided over by Mr Sherbourne, delegates were present from the following clubs:- Pilton Social, Pilton Yeo Vale, Barnstaple YMCA, Bideford, South Molton, and Swimbridge, and a comprehensive set of rules was drawn up. There was a good attendance at the general meeting that followed, Mr M Ffoulkes being elected to the chair. On the motion of Mr Hill, seconded by Mr Williams, it was decided to ask Mr F Day, of South Molton to become the first President of the Club, while Mr Ffoulkes was elected Chairman of the Committee, which would consist of two delegates from each club afilliated to the League.
Mr F G Pyne, who had been acting as Honorary Secretary, pro tem, was formally elected, and Mr Sherbourne was appointed Treasurer, both gentlemen returning thanks, and promising to do their best for the League. A slight difficulty arose arose as to the day of playing, the South Molton and Bideford delegates being in favour of Wednesday fixtures, but it is hoped that this difficulty will be overcome, the matter being left to the Secretaries to come to some arrangement.

North Devon Journal - 6th October 1904

The new Association Football League for North Devon comprises eight Clubs. Mr Fred Day, of South Molton, is president of the League, and Mr F G Pyne, of Barnstaple, Hon. Secretary. At a Committee meeting held on Friday evening the Secretary announced that Mr W E Horne, Unionist candidate for the Barnstaple Division, was prepared to to give a challenge trophy, value ten guineas, to be competed for by the teams constituting the League. It was decided to accept the gift and to thank Mr Horne for his kindness. A Committee was appointed to draw up rules and submit them at an early meeting of the League. It was also decided to affiliate with the East Devon Football Association. Mr Challen, of Barnstaple, paid a visit to Exeter, on Friday afternoon, to consult the Hon. Secretary of the Association. Saturday, November 5th, is the day fixed for the trial match, East versus West, at Newton Abbot, with a view to selecting the team for the county match, Devon v Somerset, at Exeter on December 10th. On Friday evening Mr J B Challen, of the East Devon Association, examined three candidates, Messrs W T Watts and W Tossell, Barnstaple; and J D Roberts, Bideford, and passed them as referees for the North Devon league.

North Devon Journal - 6th October 1904 - First ever League match

Pilton Yeo Vale V Ilfracombe - Played October 1st 1904
Whilst Rugby football is on the wane in Barnstaple, "Soccer" appears to be coming to the front, judged by the first League match played between Pilton Yeo Vale v. Ilfracombe at Pilton Park, Barnstaple, on Saturday. Spectators numbered some hundreds, and the game was very keenly contested. Play opened most auspiciously for Yeo Vale, who attacked strongly, and soon had two goals to their credit, Brannam planting the first and Braunton the second. Ilfracombe subsequently improved, and became aggressive, and S Bowden in defending, misjudged an attempted pass or overhead kick, unintentionally scoring for the visitors. The teams thus crossed over with the score - Yeo Vale, 2; Ilfracombe, 1. Yeo Vale continued to play up strongly, but their attacks were more or less mild, and were always repulsed. Ilfracombe were not often in front of Pilton's goal, but whenever they were they made the most of their opportunities. In one visit B Mogridge shot through for the visitors, thus making the score 2 all. Pilton's chances gradually vanished, for Ackland (the captain) next handled in front of the visitor's goal, and from the penalty Quartly placed Ilfracombe a goal to the good. Pilton's subsequent play was very ragged, and before time Barrett planted a further goal for Ilfracombe. Final result:- Ilfracombe, 4 goals; Pilton Yeo Vale, 2.
Mr J D Roberts of Bideford, refereed, the teams being:-
Pilton Yeo Vale:- Goal, Williams; backs, F Ackland and A Abbott; halves, S Bowden, Collins and A Blackmore; forwards, Brannam, G Braunton, Pearce, Chapman, and Lidstone.
Ilfracombe:- Goal, Southcombe; backs, Perryman and Quartly; halves, Huxtable, Morris, and Turner; forwards, Colwill, Barrett, Turner, Crang, and Mogridge.

North Devon Journal - 13th October 1904 - Second ever League match

Pilton Social V Braunton - Played October 8th 1904
The second match in connection with the newly formed North Devon Association League was played on the Northfield Road ground, Pilton, between Braunton and Pilton Social. There was a fair number of spectators present when Mr E J Soares, MP, set the ball rolling amid applause. Pilton at once attacked. Rowse (who proved himself to be the best man on the field) was very safe at back, however, and the leather was soon transferred to the Pilton territory, and after several free kicks had been awarded, C Ackland gave Braunton the lead. The homesters then had several chances but they were not improved upon, despite the efforts of Lawrence and C Hill. Subsequently Braunton, headed by T Watts and Snow, tried very hard to break through again, but Symons and Summerville defended well. Half-time arrived with the score Braunton one goal; Pilton Social nil. In the second half Braunton had the sun and the wind at their backs. Watts dribbled nicely down the field, and beating Holland, scored another pretty goal for the visitors. In ensuing up-and-down play Pilton had hard luck, more than one shot hitting the upright. One of the home backs handled inside the goal area and a penalty was awarded. C Ackland took the kick and registered another goal for the visitors. Immediately after this, Braunton, headed by Slee, left the field in a body - not through any ill-feeling, but thinking the whistle had blown for time instead of for goal. They were recalled much to the amusement of the spectators, and made it worth while by adding another goal through Mock. Time was called with the result: Braunton four goals; Pilton Social nil.
The teams were:-
Braunton:- Goal, J Incledon; backs, W Rowse and E Ackland; halves, F Squires, E Mugford, and W Bassett; forwards, G Slee, C Ackland, T Watts, G Snow, and A Mock.
Pilton:- Goal, Holland; backs, Summerville and Norman; halves, Ellis, Lawrence, and S Symons; forwards, Milton, C Hill, Ingerson, H Tanner, and L Bake.
Mr Coles of Bideford, was the referee.

Premier Division (Then known as the Senior Division) Champions won the Horne Challenge Cup - This League Table is the latest one that was available.

Season Division Pos   P W D L F A P
1904/05 Senior 1 Pilton Yeo Vale 12 10 1 1 31 11 21
1904/05 Senior 2 South Molton 11 7 3 1 31 5 17
1904/05 Senior 3 Braunton 11 5 0 6 17 17 10
1904/05 Senior 4 Ilfracombe 10 4 1 5 18 23 9
1904/05 Senior 5 Bideford 8 3 1 4 6 12 7
1904/05 Senior 6 Pilton Social 11 2 2 7 8 31 6
1904/05 Senior 7 Barnstaple YMCA 9 0 2 7 4 14 2

Division 2 (Then known as the Junior Division) Champions won the Soares Cup

Season Division Pos   P W D L F A P
1904/05 Junior 1 Barnstaple Parish Church              
1904/05 Junior N/K Barum United              
1904/05 Junior N/K Barum Wanderers              
1904/05 Junior N/K Holy Trinity              
1904/05 Junior N/K Newport              
1904/05 Junior N/K Parish Church              
1904/05 Junior N/K Pilton Social 2nd XI              
1904/05 Junior N/K South Molton Reserves              
1904/05 Junior N/K Barnstaple YMCA Reserves