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North Devon Association Football League - History
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Hon. Secretary - Mr H Lavis, Chairman - Dr S R Gibbs,

Premier Division (Then known as the Senior Division). Champions won the Kirkwood Cup.

Season Division Pos   P W D L F A P
1910/11 Senior 1 Holy Trinity Seniors 18 16 2 0 67 15 34
1910/11 Senior 2 South Molton 18 12 2 4 44 16 26
1910/11 Senior 3 Torrington 18 11 2 5 47 21 24
1910/11 Senior 4 Bideford 18 10 3 5 36 19 23
1910/11 Senior 5 Holy Trinity Juniors 18 6 3 9 22 35 15
1910/11 Senior 6 Ilfracombe Town 18 6 3 9 17 29 15
1910/11 Senior 7 Park Rangers 18 5 4 9 23 33 14
1910/11 Senior 8 Combe Martin 18 4 4 10 18 49 12
1910/11 Senior 9 Bideford Parish Church 18 3 3 12 21 37 9
1910/11 Senior 10 Barnstaple YMCA 18 3 2 13 9 51 8

North Devon Journal - 6th April 1911 - Report of a North Devon League Meeting

Rev Hugh Towl was voted to the chair at a meeting of delegates of the North Devon League at Barnstaple YMCA on Friday evening, the clubs represented being Torrington, Bideford, Ilfracombe, Holy Trinity Seniors, Bideford Parish Church and Barnstaple YMCA.
A claim was received from Holy Trinity Juniors against Combe Martin for non-fulfilment of a league fixture. The amount claimed was £20s.4d. Mr Yeo proposed that the Trinity club be awarded £30s but the Chairman said, according to rules, the fine of £1 must be paid, while the club could also claim travelling expenses when it visited Combe Martin. The amount was ordered to be paid within seven days, otherwise the club would be reported to the Association.
Mr H Lavis, the Hon. Secretary, said that was probably the last time they would see the Rev Towl amongst them and he thought that they, as a committee, should thank him for the great interest he had taken in soccer in the district during his stay in North Devon. He was sure they were all very sorry to lose him, and wished him all prosperity in his new sphere. (Applause.) He moved a resolution accordingly. Mr Yeo (Bideford) seconded with a few appropriate remarks. They had always found the Rev Towl a level headed, fair minded sportsman,, whether in the chair at their meetings or on the field of play. (Hear hear.) He wished him the best of luck wherever he was about to go. (Applause.) The resolution was unanimously agreed to and the Rev Towl suitably returned thanks. He remarked that he should be giving up football, as far as playing was concerned, when he left North Devon. He had very much enjoyed his stay there, and he might say that had he not met such jolly company, and had such excellent games, he would have given up football some years ago. He hoped that the league would go on successfully, and that the members would not let rugby oust soccer from the district. (Hear hear.)
The following letter was received from the Chairman (Dr S R Gibbs) with reference to certain remarks made by Mr Bulled, the South Molton delegate, at a recent meeting concerning the referees of the league: "Barnstaple, March 3rd - Gentlemen, it is with great regret, and after mature deliberation, that I write this letter. I have been connected with the North Devon League some three years as Chairman, and I have always tried to do my best for the good of the football in the neighbourhood, and to encourage a good sportsmanlike attitude towards the game. I administered justice to the best of my ability, impartially to all the clubs connected with the league. I had hoped to have been able to continue to do so for some time to come but in the view of what occurred at the last delegates' meeting I am afraid I must tender you my resignation as Chairman of the North Devon League. In short, at the last delegates' meeting I asked Mr Bulled either to withdraw certain remarks that he made concerning the North Devon referees, which I considered offensive to them and calculated to do the football of the neigbourhood untold harm, or to resign his post on the Selection Committee for appointing referees. Both of these alternatives he refused to comply with. Under these circumstances, gentlemen, there is only one course open to me, namely, to resign, unless either Mr Bulled will withdraw the remarks without any reservation which he has made concerning the North Devon League referees with apologies, and will resign his post on the Referee Selection Committee, or the North Devon League asks South Molton to withdraw Mr Bulled as their delegate at the meeting, and send another delegate in his place. Only on these conditions can I undertake to remain as Chairman of the League, and not until some decision has been come to, can I attend any of your meetings. I have not, gentlemen, come to this conclusion in any undue haste. I may say that it is unalterable. Believe me yours truly, Stanley R Gibbs."
The Chairman next read the following letter marked "unofficial" from Mr Bulled:
"Re North Devon League. March 30th. As it will be impossible for me to attend the meeting of the above League tomorrow night, I take this opportunity of saying what I should wish to say at that meeting , namely, that as the purpose for which I made certain remarks concerning the referees of the League has been served, I now wish to withdraw the same, only adding that I reserve the right to make my reasons for doing so as public as the referees made their resolution concerning myself."
The Chairman said the only thing to be done was for Dr Gibbs to say whether he was satisfied with Mr Bulled's letter or not.
The delegates then went into committee on the matter.