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North Devon Association Football League - History
League Tables and Cups

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Hon. Secretary - Mr H Lavis

Premier Division (Then known as the Senior Division). Champions won the Kirkwood Cup.

Season Division Pos   P W D L F A P
1911/12 Senior 1 South Molton 18 13 1 4 48 19 27
1911/12 Senior 2 Holy Trinity Seniors 18 11 3 4 38 21 25
1911/12 Senior 3 Bideford 18 10 3 5 42 19 23
1911/12 Senior 4 Young Liberals 18 9 2 7 32 26 20
1911/12 Senior 5 Ilfracombe Town 18 8 3 7 26 33 19
1911/12 Senior 6 Torrington 18 7 3 8 33 25 17
1911/12 Senior 7 Bideford Parish Church 18 6 2 10 22 43 14
1911/12 Senior 8 Newport 18 6 3 9 21 44 15
1911/12 Senior 9 Holy Trinity Juniors 18 4 3 11 22 28 11
1911/12 Senior 10 Barnstaple YMCA 18 4 1 13 23 51 9

North Devon Journal - 2nd May 1912 - Report of the deciding day in the Senior League

Rejoicings at South Molton - The club's splendid record
A cordial welcome awaited the South Molton football team on their return from Barnstaple on Saturday after having won the North Devon League Cup. The occasion, it must be confessed was unlooked for, and it was a great surprise to the inhabitants of South Molton when the wire was received that the team were returning with the cup. Previous to Saturday Holy Trinity were bracketed at the head of the League, each with one match to be played. On Saturday the two clubs were due to play in the Sports Ground at Barnstaple, their opponents in each case being teams which held lowly positions on the League table; and it was anticipated on all hands that the clubs would finish on level terms. But the result was contrary to all expectations. South Molton secured a somewhat easy victory over Barnstaple YMCA by 5 goals to one, whilst their rivals met their Waterloo at the hands of Trinity Juniors, who defeated their Seniors by three goals to one - thus giving South Molton the cup by two clear points.
Immediately following the game the South Molton club were the recipients of numerous congratulations from various clubs in North Devon. The doings of the successful club are worthy of record. During the eight seasons that South Molton have been connected with the League (which was since its inauguration, with the exception of one season in which they played in the East Devon League) they have won one cup outright. They have won the present cup on two occasions, whilst in two seasons they were runners up. This proves the consistency of the team over a lengthy period. The club is recognised throughout North Devon as the most scientific team, although "bustle" has sometimes overcome the finer points of the game. Since the inauguration of the League South Molton have never sustained a league defeat on their own ground - a period extending over seven seasons.
On the team's arrival from Barnstaple on Saturday they were met at North Road by crowds of enthusiasts. Headed by the town band and a torchlight procession, they were played through the principal streets of the town, accompanied by cheering crowds. The popular Captain, Mr Fred Vicary was shouldered. On a return to the Square Mr Fred Day, the President of the club, welcomed them home and congratulated the players on the success which had attended them that day. The present season, continued Mr Day, had been a most remarkable one as, at Christmas, South Molton were seven points down, and were regarded as being entirely out of the running, but they had not relaxed themselves in the slightest, and the team had that day been rewarded for their efforts. It was not the first time that one of the Vicary family had, as general of the team, brought back the cup from Barnstaple - (applause) - and he hoped it would not be the last occasion on which he would do so. He congratulated the whole team on the loyalty they had shown throughout the season, especially when they appeared to be out of the running. Whilst witnessing the match he was delighted to hear the remarks fall from several keen sporting gentlemen in Barnstaple that they were delighted that South Molton had succeeded on account of their always playing the game and showing true sport. (Applause.) That was as much appreciated by him as the President of the club as the winning of the trophy. (Applause.)
Rousing cheers were given for the Captain and the team on the call of the President.
Mr Fred Vicary, in returning thanks for the cordial welcome they had given the team, said the success which had attended their efforts was the result of the loyalty of each player to the club. They had never admitted being out of the hunt, and had fought with a stubborn determination which had terminated in a glorious victory of which he was proud. (Applause.)
The National Anthem concluded the proceedings.

Division 2 (Then known as the Junior Division) Champions won the Soares Cup. Winner was decided by a playoff.

  P W D L F A P
Braunton 8 6 0 2 12 11 12
Miller Institute 8 6 0 2 16 9 12
Combe Martin 6 2 1 3 12 9 5
Newport 7 1 2 4 12 10 4
South Molton 7 1 1 5 4 14 3

North Devon Journal - 18th April 1912 - Report on the Junior Cup Playoff

Braunton wins the Junior Cup
Miller Institute go under in the final at Torrington
By defeating Barnstaple Miller Institute by two goals to nil at Torrington on Saturday, Braunton secured the North Devon Junior League Cup. The clubs have met twice in the course of the league season, and although the Barumites had won on both occasions, Braunton and the Institute finished their league fixture list with the same number of points, the clubs being bracketed at the head of the table. Saturday's match, therefore, was looked forward to with very great interest. Having regard to the fact that the Institute had proved too good for Braunton in both home and away matches, it is not surprising that the club's followers and many others expected a third victory for the Barumites, but those who had noticed the great improvement in the Braunton team towards the end of the season, and in particular had witnessed the easy fashion in which on the previous Monday they defeated the Young Liberals, one of the smartest of the Senior combinations, anticipated a win for Braunton. Braunton did win, and the Institute were decidedly lucky to have only two goals scored against them as the winners were on the attack for practically the whole of the game.
The teams were as follows:-
Braunton: Goal, W H Gould; backs, E Snow and S Reed; halves, H Mitchell, W F Bassett and F Squires; forwards, J C Atkins, F H Manaton, A B Johnson, Dr F R E Wright and A Mock.
Miller Institute: Goal, H Bradbury; backs, Harris and W Gregory; halves, G Davie, W H Pugsley and W; forwards, W Dart, A Parkin, P Chapple, Barrow and H Bennett.
Mr J Baker was the referee.
At the commencement of the game Braunton took up the attack, and Mitchell early put in a good shot. Following this the Braunton forwards hotly bombarded the Institute goal. Snow put the ball in the mouth of the goal, and Johnson, in attempting to put the ball through, came into violent collision with an opponent, and was knocked out, receiving injuries to his mouth and teeth. As a result, Johnson was more or less a passenger for the rest of the half. After this incident the Institute got away and Dart sent in a shot, which went wide. Braunton again took the upper hand, but a free against Atkins for offside spoilt an opportunity of scoring. At this stage, Pugsley, the Barnstaple centre half, put in some effective spoiling work and on one occasion cleverly foiled Dr Wright. Barrow secured, but Mitchell dished him and sent to touch. Marston sent in a beautiful pass to Johnson who shot a little wide. A minute later Johnson was again knocked out. The Braunton forwards got in a combined rush, and from a melee in front of the Institute goal, Manaton cleverly headed a fine goal. The Barumites got away after the restart, but Snow relieved with a huge kick when the Barnstaple forwards were for once in a way, looking really dangerous. Braunton again doggedly pressed, but a free for hands against a Braunton player spoilt a likely chance. Harris was pulled up for fouling Johnson. Just before half time the Institute forwards again broke away. Reed mis-kicked and Bennett securing had a shot at goal, half time score:- Braunton 1 goal, Miller Institute Nil.
In the second half , the Braunton team was slightly altered, Manaton playing at centre forward, and Johnson outside right. Atkins taking the inside position. The rearrangement proved very beneficial, as Johnson did some brilliant work on the wing, whilst Manaton opened up the game splendidly, and gave both wings some fine openings. Braunton were now continually pressing, the Barumites hardly getting out of their own half. Braunton forced a corner, but Wright was unfortunate with a pretty shot. Johnson was loudly applauded for a sparkling run down the right wing. He finished up with an oblique shot which went just wide of the post. Wright made one of his characteristically tricky runs, but when he passed to Johnson, who was favourably placed, the latter was pulled up for offside. Barnstaple got down to the Braunton goal, and Barrow shot well. Gould rushed out from his goal to the corner flag to rob a Barumite, but fortunately for Braunton the ball went behind. The Braunton forwards went down the field with some delightful passing, but Gregory relieved, after Manaton hod shown some clever headwork. Snow created a little diversion by trying to get through on his own, but the ball went to touch when he was well down the field. Matters now became exciting, the Brauntonians playing with any amount of dash, and striving hard to increase their lead. Johnson, after an individual effort, was foiled by Harris, who was very safe. Shots rained in on the Barnstaple goal. Some went wide, others the goalkeeper, who was in exceptional form, cleverly saved. Both Mock and Wright had hard luck with shots, whilst a pretty centre from Johnson was not utilised. Reed was knocked out, but resumed play a minute or two later. The Braunton forward play was well worth watching, the passing being very accurate and judicious. From a thirty yards' range, Manaton cannoned a ball with simply terrific force over the Institute cross-bar. Had the shot been a foot or so lower a goal would have been certain, as the shot was unstoppable. Following this, Bassett, from the 25 yard line, had a drive at goal, a magnificent shot completely beating Bradbury. Braunton now felt safe, and, no doubt, feeling they could afford to take matters easily, allowed the Barumites to keep their footing in the Braunton half for some little time. A corner was awarded the Institute, and Gould was called upon to save from Bennett - the only shot during the match which really tested the Braunton goalkeeper. Braunton got going again and Johnson, if he had been permitted to get in his kick, could hardly have failed to score. The Institute broke away; Dart placed the ball nicely in the centre, for Barrow to shoot over the bar. The Braunton forwards again pressed, and Manaton was brought down when about to shoot. When the whistle sounded for time, there was an exciting squabble in front of the Institute goal. Final score:- Braunton 2 goals, Miller Institute Nil.