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North Devon Association Football League - History
League Tables and Cups

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President - Mr F A Jewell MBE, Chairman - Mr J N Oliver, Hon. Secretary - Mr S Burnell, Ass. Hon. Secretary - Mr Richards

Exhibition Match - (Senior V Division 2) - Torrington 1-0 Barnstaple Apprentices Division 2s

Premier Division (Then known as the Senior Division). Champions won the Football Express Cup.

Season Division Pos   P W D L F A P
1919/20 Senior 1 Torrington 20 15 2 3 54 25 32
1919/20 Senior 2 Barnstaple Apprentices 19 12 0 7 59 28 24
1919/20 Senior 3 Barnstaple Comrades 17 10 1 6 42 29 21
1919/20 Senior 4 Bideford 17 6 3 8 31 35 15
1919/20 Senior 5 South Molton 16 3 3 10 14 44 9
1919/20 Senior 6 Ilfracombe Town 16 2 1 13 21 56 5

Division 2. Champions won the Soares Cup.

Season Division Pos   P W D L F A P
1919/20 Division 2 1 Barnstaple Apprentices Reserves 12 8 3 1 33 10 19
1919/20 Division 2 2 Fremington 12 7 4 1 28 12 18
1919/20 Division 2 3 Combe Martin 12 8 1 3 33 17 17
1919/20 Division 2 4 Barnstaple Comrade Reserves 10 3 1 6 16 20 7
1919/20 Division 2 5 Bideford Reserves 10 2 3 5 21 25 7
1919/20 Division 2 6 Newport St Johns 10 2 3 5 20 25 5*
1919/20 Division 2 7 South Molton Reserves 10 0 1 9 6 48 1

*Adjustment made

North Devon Journal - 8th April 1920 - Report on the Division 2 Division Deciding Game

Barnstaple Apprentices’ Decisive Victory Over Fremington

The Sports Ground, Barnstaple - the scene of many cup finals in the past - was the venue of the deciding match of the North Devon Division 2 Cup on Saturday for the season 1912-20. The competing teams were Barnstaple Apprentice Division 2s (at home) and Fremington and their respective positions on the league table prior to Saturday were as follows:

P W L D F A Pts
Fremington 11 7 0 4 28 10 18
Apprentices 11 7 1 3 31 10 17

It will be noted that Fremington had a slight advantage in points and were undefeated, therefore a drawn game on Saturday would have secured them the Cup. Heavy rain fell on Friday, with the result that the pitch was in a slippery condition, especially in front of the goal mouths. The game was ably controlled by Mr E Williams, and the teams (which were both at full strength) lined up as follows:

Apprentices:- W B Frayne, R Seymour and W H Snow, J Shaddick, J Pearce (Capt), and W S Passmore, T Bartlett, W T Bennett, W Stevens, W E Cater and A J Payne.

Fremington:- Britton, R Symons and G Hobbs, Skinner, Squires and W Chugg, A Passmore (Capt), E Newcombe, W Heal, R Hobbs and E West.

About two thousand spectators were present when the teams took the field in brilliant sunshine, the crowd including a large contingent from Fremington and Bickington. Pearce won the toss and set his opponents to defend the town end. Fremington kicked off, the ball being slung out to Passmore, who, however, was soon robbed. The home forwards got going, but were repulsed with strong kicking by Symons and Hobbs. About 10 minutes from the start Cater was fouled about 40 yards from the visitors’ goal, and a free was awarded. Pearce put in a terrific shot and scored, the ball dribbling between Britton’s feet. Bennett rushed the goalie as he was shaping himself to save. A great cheer went up from the home supporters at this early success and Pearce was congratulated on all sides. From the kick off the Apprentices got right away, and the visiting goal underwent several narrow shaves. Later Bartlett put just over, whilst Stevens in an endeavour to convert one of the winger’s centres slipped up at the crucial moment with the goal at his mercy. It was evident from the commencement that the hamsters were out to smash Fremington’s undefeated record and secure the trophy. And the “Miners” were given very little “rope.” Following midfield play, the visitors made a rush, and Newcombe got in a grounder, which Frayne easily saved. Play was transferred and Britton brought off a couple of fine clearances and Hobbs again relieved for a time. The Barum halves were putting in some sterling work, and the backs were also clearing with good judgement. After Shaddick had successfully dealt with West and R Hobbs the ball came across to Squires (the visitors’ brilliant centre forward) who having a clear field tested Frayne with a terrific drive, but the goalie was not caught napping. Initiated by Pearce, the home forwards made another attack and for some time the visitors’ goal was heavily bombarded, but without success. Symons brought temporary relief by finding touch well up the field. A second goal fell the Apprentices a little while later. A lovely centre came in from the wing and Stevens rushing up, tapped the ball into the net amidst another tremendous round of applause. When he rose from the ground the scorer looked a sorry spectacle, the mud clinging to him from head to foot, but he cheerfully remarked, “It was worth a goal.” The next thing of note was the many tussles on Fremington’s right between the two Passmores, who are by the way uncle and nephew, but the younger and tricky little Apprentice left half more than held his own. UNFINISHED