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North Devon Association Football League - History
League Tables and Cups

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President - Commander F G Glossop RN, DL, JP, Chairman - Mr G W Coles Barrett, Hon. Secretary - Mr T J Summers

Cup Results
Arlington Cup - Torrington

Division 2 (Then known as the Junior Division).

Season Division Pos   P W D L F A P
1934/35 Junior 1 Bude 20 16 1 3 85 39 33
1934/35 Junior 2 Braunton 20 15 2 3 75 28 32
1934/35 Junior 3 Holsworthy 20 13 3 4 67 44 29
1934/35 Junior 4 Torrington 20 11 1 8 67 45 23
1934/35 Junior 5 Lynton 20 11 0 9 58 66 22
1934/35 Junior 6 Appledore 20 9 3 8 68 40 21
1934/35 Junior 7 Harracott 20 7 3 10 46 43 17
1934/35 Junior 8 Combe Martin 20 5 4 11 36 67 14
1934/35 Junior 9 Woolacombe 20 5 3 12 43 65 13
1934/35 Junior 10 Bideford United 19 4 3 12 33 62 11
1934/35 Junior 11 Bideford AAC 19 1 2 16 33 109 4

Minor Division

Season Division Pos   P W D L F A P
1934/35 Minor 1 High Bickington 16 13 2 1 73 22 28
1934/35 Minor 2 South Molton Reserves 16 12 1 3 53 27 25
1934/35 Minor 3 Bickington 16 11 1 4 89 32 23
1934/35 Minor 4 Bishops Nympton 16 9 3 4 57 37 21
1934/35 Minor 5 Chittlehampton 16 9 1 6 52 34 19
1934/35 Minor 6 Combe Martin Reserves 16 6 1 9 46 85 13
1934/35 Minor 7 Lynton Reserves 16 3 3 10 43 62 9
1934/35 Minor 8 Braunton Reserves 16 1 1 14 33 87 3
1934/35 Minor 9 Sandy Lane 16 1 1 14 26 82 3

Report from the North Devon Journal 16th May 1935 On The Sixth Annual Dinner

North Devon Dinner “An Unemployment Cure”

The sixth annual dinner of the North Devon League was held at Bromley’s Café, Barnstaple when “The King” was proposed by the President, Commander F G Glossop, R N, D L, J P.

The Mayor of Barnstaple (Councillor Chas F Dart) proposed “Success to the North Devon League.” In submitting a very important toast he had to plead guilty to lack of knowledge. He knew very little of what the league had been doing, but he had been told that the season had been very successful, gates had improved which was a very good sign. He knew that Appledore had a very staunch supporter in the Rev Muller who was always singing their praises and backing them up in every conceivable way. He was of the opinion that sport was going to be very much more allied to industry than it had been in the past. On many occasions he had called unemployment a malignant disease and he thought that one of the best ways to check unemployment was to shorten working hours. But if this was done it would be just as difficult to deal with the leisure of man as with his unemployment. Because he believed that sport would be the solution of this, he had so much pleasure in giving the toast. He coupled with the toast the name of Mr S A Copp, Chairman of the Area Committee.

Mr Copp said he had great pleasure in replying to the toast and he supposed that he was the only man in that room who had held almost every office in the North Devon League. The Mayor, as himself, had always shown a great interest in the North Devon League. He always thought it was a great thing to be able to interest the civic head of the town in football. He pointed out that there was a shortage of referees in the district. There were a number of players who had to retire from the game each year and he hoped that they would sit for the referees’ examination. Another difficulty they faced in association football was the congestion of fixtures. For the last two or three years they had been trying to get all competition and league committees to get together and arrange their programme for the forthcoming season. This would prevent congestion at the end of the season. Another point was the shortage of grounds on which to play cup matches. There were several gentlemen of influence about who could help in that matter. In a town like Barnstaple they had to have some assistance. They could not hope to get finals played in Barnstaple when they had such difficulties to face. If some of the people who criticised would come forward and help him in this matter he would assure those present that some of those finals would be played next season in Barnstaple. Encouragement should be given to junior football and if he could do anything to help it in the future he would be only too pleased to do so. They had to realise that in order to get senior matches they had to encourage junior football. He thanked all those who had helped to run the North Devon League that season and wished them every success for the future.

The President presented the Junior League cup and medals to Bude, the winners, the captain responding. Mr Coles Barrett, Chairman, presented the Minor League cup and medals to High Bickington, the captain (Mr W Parker) replying on behalf of the team. The Mayor presented the Holman Cup, in the absence of the donor, and medals to Harracott. Mr Burridge (captain) responding on behalf of the lady secretary and the team. The Rev Walter Brown, of Braunton, presenting the Braunton Challenge Cup to High Bickington, and trophies to Lynton, the runners-up said that he wished the cup to be a permanent presentation towards the fostering of good sportsmanship among the youth of North Devon. Each cup winning team received medals.

“The Press” was proposed by Mr T J Bailey DCFA, who said that the Press had a great influence over North Devon football and created great interest by their reports. Mr L Bale replied on behalf of the Press and said that he would like to say a very warm thank you to Mr Bailey for proposing the toast in so delightful a manner.

The Rev H C A S Muller, M A, R N, Vicar of Appledore, in proposing “The Chairman” said that was the fourth time that he had proposed that toast in a week, but nevertheless he thanked them for their kind hospitality in asking him to be present that evening. He declared that Appledore was a unique football team and referees should try to understand them more fully and not expect the team to try and understand the referee!

Mr Coles Barrett, acknowledging, said that he had been connected with the soccer in North Devon for many years and had been the League’s Chairman for ten years. He had been honoured year after year by their electing him President, and he much appreciated their trust in him. He wished to express his thanks to his many helpers, Mr Tom Summers, secretary; Mr T Bailey, Mr Knill, and Mr Bale, and said that the meetings that season had been amicable and harmonious; a true spirit of sport had always been shown. He also thanked Mr Morrison, Bideford United’s secretary, for his kind assistance which had been a considerable help to them. As long as he was able to do anything for the North Devon League outside his own career as a schoolmaster, Mr Barrett would give his services willingly to help the League in every way.

During the course of the evening Mr Pitman and Mr A J Jeffery led community singing and sang solos. Mr Jeffery being constrained upon to sing that number for which he is noted, “The Sergeant Major,” and as an encore, “The Captain of the Team.”