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North Devon Association Football League - History
League Tables and Cups

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President - Commander F G Glossop RN, DL, JP, Chairman - Mr G W Coles Barrett, Hon. Secretary - Mr T J Summers, Hon. Treasurer - Mr A W Ewens, Registration Secretary - Mr C Williams.

Cup Results
Arlington Cup - Bickington 4-0 Woolacombe

Division 2 (Then known as the Junior Division). Appledore and Holsworthy tied on points met in a playoff which was won by Appledore 4-1.

Season Division Pos   P W D L F A P
1935/36 Junior 1 Appledore 24 17 3 4 83 44 37
1935/36 Junior 2 Holsworthy 24 18 1 5 90 44 37
1935/36 Junior 3 Torrington 24 14 2 8 79 50 31
1935/36 Junior 4 Bickington 24 13 3 8 90 57 29
1935/36 Junior 5 South Molton 23 11 3 9 55 47 25
1935/36 Junior 6 Barnstaple Town Reserves 22 10 4 10 80 79 24
1935/36 Junior 7 Braunton 24 10 2 12 72 69 22
1935/36 Junior 8 Bude 23 10 2 11 63 74 22
1935/36 Junior 9 Woolacombe 22 10 1 11 49 44 21
1935/36 Junior 10 Combe Martin 24 8 3 13 52 85 19
1935/36 Junior 11 Lynton 23 8 0 15 57 81 17
1935/36 Junior 12 Bideford United 23 5 3 15 44 108 13
1935/36 Junior 13 Bideford AAC 24 4 3 17 46 73 11

Division 3

Season Division Pos   P W D L F A P
1935/36 Division 3 1 Chittlehampton 10 8 1 1 37 24 17
1935/36 Division 3 2 High Bickington 9 7 1 1 33 13 15
1935/36 Division 3 3 Chulmleigh 8 3 2 3 30 21 8
1935/36 Division 3 4 Combe Martin Reserves 9 2 0 7 15 33 4
1935/36 Division 3 5 South Molton Reserves 7 2 0 5 17 34 4
1935/36 Division 3 6 Braunton Reserves 9 1 0 8 14 42 2

Report from the North Devon Journal 7th May 1936 on the Seventh Annual Dinner

North Devon League - 7th Annual Dinner: Presentation of Cups and Medals.

The 7th annual dinner of the North Devon League was held in Bromley’s Café on Saturday evening, under the chairmanship of Mr G W Coles Barrett, with the Hon. Secretary (Mr T J Summers), and the Hon. Treasurer (Mr A W Ewens), and the Registration Secretary (Mr C Williams).

Apologies were read from the President, Commander F G Glossop, who is in London, from the Rev Walter Brown (President of the Braunton Cup Competition), and from the Rev Arthur Hoyles (Holsworthy).

The Mayor of Barnstaple (Mr A J Manaton), submitting “Success to the North Devon League” said it was a great privilege for him to propose that toast, because during the 32 years of the North Devon League’s career it had rendered one of the finest services that any sports organisation could possibly render to the district. The North Devon League had through that long and honourable period been giving to the young element the opportunity of enjoying clean sport under proper management, and had also been encouraging the public to give that clean sport their support. The public, he continued, had not always given that support, but there had been an increase in the public interest in soccer in the neighbourhood. The Mayor thought there was room for a senior division in the League just as there was room for a junior and third division. They would see what another season would bring forth. There was a great deal to be said for North Devon clubs combined in a North Devon organisation rather than in some wider organisation under some other name. There had been a new situation never experienced before in connection with the Junior Cup; there had been an absolute tie on points between Appledore and Holsworthy. The Holman Cup and Lynton Cup was associated with a very great friend of the North Devon League, the late Mr J W Holman, and he thought they should remember his name with gratitude for all that he had done for the soccer code in the neighbourhood.

Responding, Mr G W Coles Barrett said their organisation was the best worked organisation in the whole of the County of Devon. Their success was due to good sportsmanship of the clubs concerned, and, as chairman of the organisation he had never met a better set of colleagues. They had a very fine body of officials, their secretary (Mr T J Summers), their treasurer (Mr A W Ewens), their registration secretary (Mr C Williams) and independent members. He extended sincere thanks for their great assistance over his period of chairmanship, and he also wished to see a senior division in North Devon football.

Also responding, Mr T J Summers said that for the first time in the history of the League there had been a tie for the championship of the Junior League between Appledore and Holsworthy. He expressed thanks to Mr Morrison for helping to make arrangements for the deciding match at Bideford, and also to Mr Bailey (vice-chairman), Mr A Ewens (treasurer) and Mr C Williams (registration secretary), and Mr Knill for their loyal co-operation and help.

It is interesting to note that Mr Summers has been Secretary of the North Devon League for the past eleven years and has been associated with it for the last sixteen years.

The presentation of the Junior League Cup and medals was made by the Mayor to the winners Appledore after a tie with Holsworthy. The Mayor congratulated them, and the captain, Mr R Hocking, responded.

Mr T J Bailey presented the Third Division Cup and medals to the winners, Chittlehampton, and Mr P Baker (capt) responded.

The Chairman made the presentation of the Holman Cup and medals to the winners Braunton, and the runners-up Lynton, and their captains, Messrs F Bale and F Bowden respectively replied.

Mr T J Summers presented the Braunton Challenge Cup and medals to the winners Chittlehampton and runners-up South Molton, whose captains suitably replied.

Proposing “The Press,” Mr T J Bailey thanked them sincerely, and said that they looked forward to what was said in the Press. The Press during the past year had been far more helpful than in previous years - Mr J Pugsley responded.

The Rev H C A S Muller (Appledore) submitted “The Chairman of the League,” and said they owed a great debt to their Chairman. The Chairman suitably responded.

During the evening a programme of music was rendered by Messrs J Dendle and C Williams (duets) and R W Pitman (songs).

A dance followed in the ballroom of the Café, the MC’s being Messrs G Summer and R W Pitman. There was a good attendance, and music was supplied by “The Rhythm Six” dance band.