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Frequently asked questions:

I've got lots of questions, where do I get the answers!?
The most common questions are below and if you are a club secretary the league has produced a Secretary's Guide which can be downloaded in the Club Secretary part of this site.

I've got a suggestion on how the league can be improved, what can I do?
The league is always looking at ways it can improve and your comments would be very welcome. Please contact one of the league secretaries or any of the Management Committee.

Who runs the league?
This is made up of a League Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Registrations Secretary & League Referee Officer. Also there is a Chairman, Vice-Chairman Management Committee, a President and Vice-Presidents who meet monthly. Details of the people involved can be seen on the home page of this site.

I'd like to join the Management Committee, how do I go about it?
The league is always looking for new people with new ideas and who can contribute to the smooth running of the League. Nominations are sought by 1st June each year. If you are outside of this time please contact the League Secretary or any of the present Management Committee.

Who do I report the score to?
This is for home teams only. All results are done by text now. Each club has a nominated person/s who takes care of this.

I want to change a fixture that has already been allocated?
Fixtures can be changed by mutually agreeing with the other club secretary. Any changes must be reported to the Fixtures Secretary.

Someone just rang up and said the game was off, how do I know if they are genuine?
The club secretary is the only person you should deal with. No other person has the authority to give this information. Take the person's name who you spoke to.

We've just been fined/deducted points, why?
Because you haven't read or abided by the rules. Read them in the League Rules section. The League operates a zero tolerance policy. Hence why it is one of the best run leagues in Devon.

Who is refereeing our game and how do I contact them?
Club Secretaries have access to this infomation in the Club Secretarys' part of this site.

What are the contact details for the club we are playing?
Club Secretaries have access to this infomation in the Club Secretarys' part of this site. This data is updated and also contains details of temporary secretaries so should be checked before contacting a club.

Can this player play tomorrow if a form is with the Registration Secretary tonight?
All registrations are now done online via the clubs portal. The player may play as soon as the registration has been submitted to the league for approval. If there is anything wrong with the registration and that player plays it could result in the offending club being fined and losing points. If it is for a Cup game, the player must be registered 7 clear days prior to the game.

How do I know who is signed on for my club?
If you go to the tables, results and fixtures part of the site click on a future fixture involving the club in question and it will give you a list of registered players. Please note if we have been informed of suspended players then these will not show as being available. We are not always informed of suspended players though and none of the match day based suspensions are registered due to the difficulty in maintaining the list. Club Secretaries can also download a list in the Secretary’s area of the website, that list would include suspended players. Also note that players registered very close to a game are unlikely to appear in either list as they will not have been processed.

Is this player suspended?
Your club secretary should know who is suspended. Players are suspended 7 days after receiving the red card and the Club Scereyary will be notified via the WGS on the amounts of games suspended and the fine.

Where do I get a transfer/registration/teamsheet form?
All transfers & registertrations are now done on the online clubs portal. Match Day signing on forms

What's the seven day approach rule for transfers?
It is a FA rule and must be abided by. Basically if a club wishes to approach a player with a view to transferring them it should write to the club holding that player's registration seven days prior to any approach. If both clubs are in agreement they may waive the seven day rule. A notice of approach online form is in your secretary login area.

We've got a race night/five-a-side tournament/quiz night to raise funds, can you put a mention on the site to publicise it?
The site is for the clubs and if the event is charitable and/or to raise money for a club then we are more than happy to put a short piece on the site.

I've got a question about the Devon County Cups?
Please direct any queries to the County Office at Newton Abbot who are responsible for their administration.

There have been a few enquiries regarding the application of rule 18(M) - A team shall not include any more than one Player who have taken part in Three or more senior competition matches during the current Playing Season unless a period of 21 days has elapsed since they last played or they have played for the junior team/s in more matches than the senior team/s. For the purpose of this Rule a senior competition is a league or league cup match within the Competition or a higher level in the football pyramid. Failure to comply with this Rule will result in a fine in accordance with the Fines Tariff.
Therefore the following should assist you but if you have any further queries please contact the league.
Q: My player has transferred in. Do I count the games he has played for another club?
A: Yes, if the player played games in a higher division then they count as part of the 7 if they are now in a lower league.
John Smith plays 4 games for Team A in the Senior. He transfers to Team B and plays a further 5 games in the Premier. He has therefore played 9 games at Senior or higher. If you wanted to play him in Intermediate One or Two he would be one of the 2 players allowed under this rule. As he did not play 7 games at Premier then he is fine to play in the Senior and not be counted as one of the 2 players.
Q: My player hasn't played for 21 days?
A: The reason this was mainly put into the rules is to allow clubs to bring back players gradually after an injury. If a player has not played for 21 clear days they can play in any division. However, when they play in the higher division that will count towards their games again. The 21 days does not mean a player’s games resets to zero as this would make it almost impossible to track. The 21 days is a figure set by The FA.
Q: We brought a player on as a sub for 5 minutes, does that count as an appearance?
A: Yes, it does. The league site lists all appearances as sub and starting in different columns, simply add them together to get the total appearances for that particular team. Unused subs are not included and do not count.