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Disability Football in Devon is in very good shape, mainly thanks to Dai Carpenter who has transformed the County to be a leading Association. Devon currently has several international players in disability teams but Dai believes there are many more talented players in the County that are potential international players that they are unaware of. The majority of these players will be playing within mainstream football clubs such as yours. He is asking for your assistance in identifying suitable players from your clubs that has any of the impairments below. Often only you or your team manager will know of mild impairments so he appreciates your assistance with this exercise. The aim of the exercise is not to take the players away from their current football, but to make them aware of the opportunities that maybe available to them.

Therefore please contact Dai if any of your players has any of these impairments:
Deaf/Hearing Impaired
Partially Sighted
Cerebral Palsy
Learning Disability
Amputee (Arm)
Amputee (Leg)
Please note Dyslexia and ADHD are not considered as learning disabilities.

Contact Details:

Dai Carpenter
Disability Football Development Officer
Devon County Football Association
Tel: 01626 323560
Mob: 07912 089838
Coach Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1EJ